All examples in this blog come from the Snowflake Architecture and SQL book by Tom Coffing and David Cook.

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In the example below, the current_date will return today’s date.  Add or subtract a number from the CURRENT_DATE, and you are adding or subtracting days from the date.  If you subtract from two dates, you get the number of days between the two dates.

The Dateadd command below adds a specified time interval to a date or timestamp value.

The DATEADD and ADD_MONTHS function below handle dates that fall differently at the ends of months.

You can use the TO_CHAR function below to format dates.

You can use the techniques below to extract or use the EXTRACT command, which is ANSI compliant.

Here are some great date functions to round out your toolkit.

The DATEDIFF command takes a datepart and returns the difference between two dates or timestamps.

TIME_SLICE calculates the beginning or end of a “slice” of time, where the slice length is a multiple of a standard unit of time, such as minute, hour, day, etc.

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