Tera-Tom here!  I am on the forefront of making computer history.  Doing something that nobody else has ever done in the most complex business in the world is beyond gratifying.  It is the ultimate lifetime achievement award.  In some ways it is comparable to Alexander Graham Bell making the telephone, Henry Ford inventing the Model T, and Thomas Edison creating the light bulb.  It has taken 40 years of computer experience, enormous energy, a patience and faith that it could be done, and a drive, commitment, and willingness to spend every penny I’ve ever made.


The current world has gotten used to the idea that users query a single system by writing SQL.  Gathering information from multiple systems is almost out of the question, so enterprises have disparate systems where each department sees just their piece of the larger puzzle.  Management does their best to consolidate systems and information, but it is a never-ending losing battle.  And the database vendors hold all the power.  Once they win the bid, they dictate the pricing, the features, and the tools.  They are smiling all the way to the bank because every database vendor has one thing in common with its competitors:  No two systems work together!


But what would happen if all systems worked together?


I have good news and bad news for each and every database vendor out there.  The good news is that your product will now be more valuable to customers than ever!  The bad news is that every system is going to work with every other system.  Accept it and deal with it!   Every vendor is going to make more sales, but they better be at the top of their game, and I have a good piece of advice for each of them.  You might want to start treating your customers like a customer deserves to be treated because you no longer have the power you once had.


I’ve made it easier to join tables from different systems than it is to join two tables on a single system.  I’ve figured out how to convert the data and table structures, how to display tables graphically and in color, how to use GPS like technology so users are guided to what tables can be joined together, and with the click of a button, build the SQL for the user perfectly every time.  I have also figured out how to move data between systems as fast as physically possible.  All of this has led to the capability of joining tables across different platforms!


They say, “Change comes disguised as an enemy only to those who refuse to see it as a friend”.

Imagine the positives of every single user being able to see disparate systems as one giant data warehouse.  They might need to join a SQL Server table directly to a Teradata table.  They point and click, choose the columns they want on their report, and an answer set comes screaming back.  They won’t even think twice that the data came from different systems.


My end goal is to be able to join tables between every system in the world.  We are not there yet, but just like the great inventors before us, our invention has begun making calls.  We are now in the driver’s seat, and believe me, the light bulb has long gone off on what this industry needs.  I will have my team continually improve the masterpiece we call the Nexus Query Chameleon, and by January of 2015, this invention will be every corporation’s greatest asset.  I look forward to doing business with each of you.






Tom Coffing

CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing

Direct: 513 300-0341


Email: Tom.Coffing@CoffingDW.com