Nexus will change how the world sees data.

Twenty years ago, it became obvious to me that companies would one day be so overwhelmed with data that no single data warehouse could hold it all.

This problem became even more disturbing because I witnessed how many database companies try to lock in a customer for life. I was equally shocked to learn that the two most popular databases are Microsoft Access and Excel and that some companies use them to hold and process their data.

I felt that these facts were a hole in the data universe. So, I built a world-class development team, and we have gone to work for 20 years. Our mission is a project named Nexus, which unites all database platforms automatically, including Microsoft Access and Excel.

Today, I will show you three videos from this blog on my website. The first will perform a federated query of a 20-table join spanning 20 different systems in a single query.

The second video will show a 20-table join that uses a production table and 19 Excel worksheets. In a single query, you can join Microsoft Access and Excel with any combination of cloud and legacy database tables.

And the third video will show you how anyone using Nexus can migrate 20 different systems to Snowflake (or any system) with no technical knowledge required.

People often ask me who our competitors are. And I tell them we have none. Nexus is the only software product to query, migrate automatically, and join data across over 25 relational database systems.

Personally, I thought we would get there before twenty years of work, but it is nearly impossible to get all databases to play nice together. However, Nexus does now change the way the world processes data.

The video below will show you a 20-table join spanning 20 different systems in a single query.

The video below will show you a 20-table join using a production table and 19 Excel worksheets in a single query.

The video below will show how a Nexus user with no technical skills migrates 20 different database systems to Snowflake. Please realize that a Nexus user can migrate 20 different database platforms to any system.

My contact info is below. Please call or write me if you want to see a live demo or try Nexus yourself.

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Tom Coffing
CEO, Coffing Data Warehousing
Phone: 513 300-0341