Mr. Coffing: Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to make data flow like water between every major database. And you must finish the task within 20 years.

Mission accomplished!

The most difficult thing about every database is they cannot and will not communicate with other databases. However, I accepted the mission to unite all data regardless of which database it resides.

Most people can’t fathom writing a two-table join where the tables reside on different database platforms. However, today, you will see a join of 20 tables from 20 separate systems in a single query! And the entire process is automated, so even those with no technical expertise can easily complete the mission.

You will also see a query that returns an answer set, but when the answer set is dragged to any system in the system tree (20 systems present), it creates a table with the data automatically and instantly.

You will also witness how easy it is to migrate an entire database of tables to another system with the press of a button.

And behold the amazing feat of pointing and clicking to watch the SQL being built automatically on any system and for federated queries across legacy and cloud platforms.

Companies painfully built an enterprise data warehouse to see one version of the truth and to join data across all aspects of the business. Still, I always believed the answer was to combine data seamlessly across all databases, not just one.

Check out the videos below of the Nexus, the greatest data tool the world has ever seen, making the impossible mission of data not only possible but easy.