Twenty years ago, we thought computing would change so quickly and dramatically that nobody would see it coming, so we got to work. What did we miss in our quest to prepare you for 2024 computing? Nothing!

Even today, most people don’t believe joining data across legacy and cloud computing is possible, but it is necessary.

Almost nobody envisioned that if you could not move enormously large tables to any system, it would make your query tool irrelevant.

Nobody saw that converting tables to other systems instantly would be fundamental.

And who would have foreseen that it would be a new standard that when you receive answer sets, you would be able to calculate analytics inside your PC instead of from the originating database?

And, of course, your tool must have the intelligence to write the SQL for you on any system perfectly, or you would lack the speed necessary to compete in the new modern computing world.

And if you can’t search for a column name across every system in your enterprise, your tool doesn’t have the power to compete.

The only way forward is to combine everything above to dominate data no matter which system it resides in.

My life’s work over the past two decades has been to prepare you for computing in the year 2024. You will work with countless databases, but you only need one tool for the rest of your career: the Nexus.

Check out the video below and tell us if we missed anything.