There is no I in TEAM and no AI in Nexus, but this year’s miracle is joining data across systems with the click of the mouse.

Nobody on Earth can show you a 20-table join involving 20 different systems in a single query except us.

Today, almost everyone needs to join data across multiple systems, so they use Excel or Access as an intermediary, which takes time. Still, Nexus joins data from everywhere, including Excel and Access.

The biggest key to joining data across systems is to take out the complexity for the user completely, so we automate everything difficult.

The second key is performance, so we process the join wherever you decide. You might need to join a Databricks table with a Snowflake table. What if the Databricks table was a billion rows? You would merely tell Nexus to choose Databricks as the hub, and Nexus would quickly convert and move the Snowflake table to Databricks as a temporary table, perform the join there, and the answer set returns to you.

What if the Snowflake table was the bigger table? You merely tell Nexus to change the hub to Snowflake, and the Databricks table is converted and moved to Snowflake as a temporary table. The join performs on Snowflake, and the answer set returns.

Even more incredible is the ability to make your PC the hub on joins with a few million rows or less, and all tables in the federated join come back to your PC, where Nexus joins the data using your PC.

We have been developing Nexus for 20 years, and now companies use it as their query tool. Even more amazing is that they use it as their migration tool because Nexus migrates all databases to anywhere you decide.

Query, federate, migrate, and dominate data whether on-premises, in the cloud, on your PC, in a spreadsheet, or on Microsoft Access.