It is so intelligent that it writes the SQL for you across all systems. Even better yet, it writes the SQL to join data across systems. That is why they call it the Nexus Super Join Builder, the greatest tool for data ever invented.

According to Safari books which company has written 96 percent of all books on data engineering? Coffing Data Warehousing’s Tom Coffing, so who better to build a tool that works on all systems?

Nexus isn’t AI; instead, it is dedicating your entire life to master data across all database platforms. We have run a million tests to migrate millions of tables across all systems, join data across all systems, and perform analytics inside your PC.

If your current query tool cannot write the SQL for you, it doesn’t have the intelligence necessary for the complexity of these times.

If your current query tool cannot move humongous tables anywhere you want, they didn’t have the foresight to understand this industry.

If your current tool can’t drag an answer set to your systems tree and automatically create a table with the data, it doesn’t know your needs.

If your current query tool cannot automatically join data across systems, it is completely out of date.

Suppose your current query tool cannot take all your answer sets and instantly calculate ordered analytics, window functions, and more inside your PC. In that case, you are most likely using the tool from your database provider.

Why not take a look at the greatest tool ever invented? If you are serious about working with data, you need a tool that takes data seriously.

Check out the video below that will change your life forever.