Customer Success Stories

Major Retailer Converts 1,000 SQL Server Tables
to Teradata In Minutes With No Errors!

Opportunity:  A Fortune-500, US-based clothing retailer needed to convert 1,000 SQL Server tables to Teradata.  The group from the clothing retailer responsible for making the decision needed to find the fastest, most cost-efficient manner to get this accomplished.  They were told by their internal consultants that the consultants themselves could handle the conversion.  But, it would cost approximately $30,000 and would take 1 month to complete.

Solution:  The clothing retailer has had a long, successful, mutually-beneficial relationship with CoffingDW, so they decided to give CoffingDW a call before they signed the expensive proposal from their internal consultants.  CoffingDW was very excited to hear that they had not yet agreed to let the consultants handle the conversion because CofingDW’s Nexus Enterprise Software was the perfect solution.  Not only could the Nexus software handle the conversion better than the consultants, but they could also do it faster and cheaper!

Outcome:  The large clothing retailer brought a CoffingDW Nexus license to their team responsible for the conversion.  The only cost was the price of 1 Nexus license for an individual user.  With the Nexus, they were able to convert all 1,000 tables from SQL Server to Teradata perfectly without a single mistake or error in minutes!  The retailer was shocked and elated because not only did they save tens of thousands of dollars, but they also saved a full month’s work!

  • The Nexus Enterprise Software from CoffingDW has thousands of features and capabilities to help your business succeed including its Conversion Tool to convert table structures between different database vendors and even Hadoop!