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Queries and converts between every major system.  Load and run ERwin logical model.  Use the Super Join Builder to write SQL and show joins visually.  CONTACT US to set up a demo today!

Nexus Pro

When you possess a tool like Nexus, you have access to every system in your enterprise!  The Nexus is the only tool that works on all systems.  Its Super Join Builder allows for the ERwin Logical Model to be loaded, and then Nexus shows tables and views visually.  It then guides users to show what joins to what.  As users choose the tables and columns they want in their report, Nexus builds the SQL for them with each click of the mouse.  Nexus was designed for Teradata and Hadoop, but works on all platforms.  Nexus even converts table structures between vendors, so querying and managing multi-vendor platforms is transparent.  Even if you only work with one system, you will find that the Nexus is the best query tool you have ever used.  If you work with multiple systems, you will be even more amazed.  Download a free trial today!

Nexus is the only tool that works on every system in your enterprise.  CoffingDW and our CEO Tom Coffing spent years building relationships with every major software vendor to ensure that Nexus works perfectly on each of them.  It was not enough for CoffingDW to simply connect via a generic ODBC connection, but we wanted a perfect fit with each system as if Nexus was designed only for that particular one.

When your company installs Nexus, it will provide a seamless integration with every system in your enterprise including Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, Hadoop, Cloudera, DB2, Greenplum, Redshift, ParAccel, PDW.