The greatest breakthrough became official yesterday with the latest release of Nexus because the world can now join tables from Databricks and Snowflake in a single query. And Nexus does all of the intelligence work automatically.

Almost impossible to believe that you can join Databricks and Snowflake tables with Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, and every table from every system within your enterprise.

It doesn’t matter if you have data stored on free systems such as MySQL or Postgres or if your team likes to work with Excel or Microsoft Access. We have spent two decades ensuring all tables can join across all systems.

And, of course, you can migrate a single table or thousands between any two systems, and the setup takes seconds. Our entire existence has been to query, migrate, and join data spanning on-premises, cloud, or near-cloud systems, and it works beautifully with power and performance built-in.

Amazingly, you can write a query, get an answer set, and drag that answer set to any system, and Nexus will create a table with the data instantly.

The only thing holding you and everyone else back is that you haven’t been able to migrate and join data across different systems in seconds. Now that you can join anything to anything, nothing is holding you back.

Check out the video below and download a free trial yourself.